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Steinway & Sons Model B (6'10.5")


The Steinway B piano is one of the most revered musical instruments in the world. Sought after by world class artists who demand the best in tone and performance. This Steinway B was built in 1968 completely restored in 2024. 

Original Refinished Soundboard. New  Steinway Hammers, Shanks, Flanges. Mapes Strings(Steinway uses). New Pins/Pinblock. New Bushings, Dampers, New Keytops. Refinished Plate. Hand Rubbed Ebony Satin. Replated Brass Hardware.

Often characterized as the most “perfect” home piano for musicians, the Steinway Model B is a beautifully-designed balance of size and performance. One of the most versatile of the Steinway grand pianos, the Model B has long strings and a soundboard of a grand while fitting into studio settings and mid-sized venues.

Known for its buttery, rich bass, the Model B measures just shy of 7 feet long. It has the acoustic advantages of long strings and a large soundboard of its larger Steinway companions while remaining the sensible choice for an in-home piano.

Steinway & Sons Model B (6'10.5")

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